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Intermittent fasting (IF) is a eating pattern that involves eating small meals spaced several hours apart, typically between 8 and 12 hours. This can be accomplished by regularly skipping breakfast and lunch, or both. Want to learn exactly how to intermittent fast? Check out our Intermittent Fasting Formula here!

Intermittent fasting was first popularized as a way to dietary purify during the nightcycle, when one is most susceptible to overindulgence. By avoiding daylight hours up to breakfast, one can maintain a steady blood sugar level and healthy weight while changing the pace of your daily routine.

In addition to its merits for weight loss, eating more on weekends than weekdays can help build community at your job or get you something fun to do during the week. You also get to ditch the greeted-by-a-wait-and-for-the-next item-every-weekend kind of attitude that goes with many diet programs.

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Who does intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting formula

Intermittent fasting is a way to reduce your body’s consumption of calories. Both underweight and overweight people can experience intermittent fasting.

Many people who gain weight lose it while on intermittent fasting. The weight loss is due to the reduced calorie consumption. Others who don’t eat as often may gain weight on less frequent eating habits. This is not the case with intermittent fasting, which always means a period of time without food.

Intermittent fasting has several benefits, including increased muscle building, improved health and mental performance, and decreased fat stores in your body.

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How can I start intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting formula

There are many ways to start intermittent fasting. You can go day by day, week by week, year by year! Each method has its own set of benefits and challenges.

Most people have a trusted strategy for getting started. It may be starting with breakfast and lunch, with the midday break including dinner. or maybe just adopting a new way of eating!

Inexpensive options include either becoming very strict about having only a small breakfast and lunchtime package of good foods, or buying a fruit or salad sandwich for lunch. Another option is to make your first meal late in the evening, around dinner time.

Parasailing is an excellent way to test your swimming skills on a lake or water feature. We had a party last weekend where we took our parasails out and tried them out! For those who don’t know what that is, you get in a boat and go down some stairs until you get out of the water.

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What times should I pick?

There are three time periods during a fasting period where you can eat: between waking and sleeping, between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner.

Theoretically, you can pick a time during any of these times to eat, but the best times to do so are in the afternoon or early evening when you will be relaxed and appetite gone is over.

You can also choose how much of the meal you want to eat as well. Many people feel better if they eat more than they think they need to keep up with their ketone levels.

Try each of the times listed above out for yourself to see what works for you.

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Can I exercise while intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting formula

No, you can not exercise while on intermittent fasting. However, you can take care of your health with intermittent fasting as a means to improve your health.

Intense workouts will be demanding on your body. The components of an intense workout will be the metabolism working at a higher speed, the intensity of the exercise, and the size and type of exercise.

With intermittent fasting, you want to be very careful about what kind of exercise you’re doing. You want to be careful about how much you’re eating when you’re taking care of yourself during an intermittent fasting period. You want to be really conscious about how much water you’re drinking- it’ll help keep your body balanced during an intense period of time.

You also need to watch your diet while on an intermittent fasting protocol.

What challenges are there with intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting formula

Like all diets, intermittent fasting can be hard if you are not eating enough or are eating too much. Intermittent fasting is a little more pronounced when it involves dieting and working off the calories you consume.

This can be compounded if you are working out on a budget. Burgers and fries can cost a pretty penny when you are only spending $6 per meal!

Another challenge with intermittent fasting is how long the benefits last. While the basic concept of limiting your food intake to improve moods and body function is good, most people find that their benefits fade within a week of two.

This is likely due to water retention or fluid loss which occurs due to the reduced water intake. It has been found that people who adhere to intermittent fasting suffer from dehydration and associated side effects such as headaches, cramps, nausea, and increased blood pressure.

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What should I eat?

Intermittent fasting formula

At the moment, eating fresh, healthy foods is the best bet. You will want to stay away from processed foods and beverages, and only eat food that has been cultivated or harvested.

There are many sources for food in society, and through farming. These include but are not limited to: grocery stores, farmer’s markets, restaurants, and construction sites where people have to barter for supplies.

On average, you should try to get your daily calories from an array of sources- 2-3 times your daily protein, 2-3 times your daily fat, and 1-2 times your carbohydrates. This will help improve overall health as you build more healthy tissue within your body.

The total number of calories you consume per day should be calculated using a conversion chart (see bullet point).

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Can I shift my fasting times?

Intermittent fasting formula

You can’t eat for example at night and fasting during the day. That’s not the point of intermittent fasting, although you can do that.

The point is to eat fewer calories on average while still staying in a fasted state. The body exploits different mechanisms to achieve this, some of which are discussed in this article.

Most people who try intermittent fasting for a few days don’t continue with it because of the absence of food. However, if you were to start again, you would probably be more successful in achieving your goal of losing weight and improving your overall health.

There are several reasons you might want to change up your fasting times: may be more ketogenic; may be more healthy for your health; or may be more therapeutic for your health. All are worth discussing with your doctor.

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What results will I see?

Intermittent fasting formula

With intermittent fasting you will feel lighter and happier. Your skin will be firmer and younger looking. You’ll feel better in general. Many people report a sense of well-being that is hard to describe, but clear and lasting.

I know first-hand how fast my old lady looks in my photos, but to me she still looks great. I’ve been posting photos of her for years without much change, so it’s really impressive how quick the fasts results show.

Because the body is using fewer calories, it becomes more efficient at functioning. This can result in less hunger and overall lower calorie intake which means you’ll be feeling less hungry.

And because of the clean eating principles behind this diet, your dieter friends will see results that are lean, strong and come quick.

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