How To Use Urgency To Skyrocket Your Sales

Urgency is a powerful sales tactic that can exponentially increase the sale amount off your product or service. You can use it when you see an opportunity that no one else sees and can take advantage of it.

It is the practice of selling while using an extreme or high level of urgency. You use extreme words such as NOW, MUST, AND SHOULD. You use small print to emphasize your point and raise the chance of acceptance.

When you use urgency in your sales you add another level of emotion to your pitch which heightens the purchase intentionality. This increases your chances of getting someone to buy from you and eventually paying you money for what you have to sell.

Tell customers they have a limited time to purchase

How to use urgency to skyrocket your sales

Tell your customers that there is a limited time to buy anything, and it’s when it’s bought. This helps them understand the purchase is limited in scope, and they should buy it during this time.

Many products are sold during sales, including products to people looking to buy cosmetic products. Since the sales are limited in scope, people get anxious about purchasing too much, which increases their likelihood to buy from you again.

When the sale expires and they can’t find what they want online or in store, they can go into a shop and purchase it right then and there. This increases your brand awareness as they gain insight into what they have sold well enough to be a regular purchase.

Selling products that have use restrictions can help boost sales further. For example, selling water purification tablets that require you to filter your water is a use restriction that boosts sales because people know how important that is.

Provide a time limit for your offer

How to use urgency to skyrocket your sales

If you have a special offer that you want to give to your clients, then give them a time limit to decide if they want to take advantage of your offer.

This will give you more time to promote your offer and see an increase in sign-ups. If people don’t feel the urgency that you do, then they will look beyond your offer and give someone else a chance to answer their call.

Providing a time limit will also help decrease the likelihood of people signing up without feeling the need to buy something. They will be more likely to continue reading when they know that something is done in some way.

When offering my services, I always state how long it takes me. Usually it takes me between 1 and 2 hours to answer any questions and deliver my pitch. After that, I tell them that it is a fast-paced interview where I ask them tough questions and I take my time with those.

Explain the consequences of not buying now

How to use urgency to skyrocket your sales

An urgent purchase is a great way to skyrocket your sales. You can help increase your conversions by taking the time to consideration the following before you buy:

The cost of the item or items you are looking to buy. You can see if they are an appropriate fit for you by checking out their reviews and seeing if they recommend it.

The urgency you feel for the purchase. You want to feel like this is a very important purchase to you so that your buyers will desire to get it quickly when they order it.

Empower customers to act now

How to use urgency to skyrocket your sales


In this example, a computer software company presents you with a purchase offer at the moment you buy their software. However, if you wait until next week when it will be more expensive then you will pay more because of the sales commission.

If you buy it now, then when it is installed and working you will know what effects it has on your computer and how it works so that you can upgrade or change it if necessary.

This manager has a sale offer of $300 for this new computer which comes out on Monday, July 9th.

Use time-sensitive promotional content

How to use urgency to skyrocket your sales

Past trends suggest that your customers will spend a certain amount of time looking at your site, and that they will make a purchase when they see the item or price they are looking for.

Your customers know this, so you have to get them to act quickly! By adding an urgent message within your promotion, your customers can easily give you a quick heads-up that they plan to buy.

The urgency message can be placed in any area of your website, it doesn’t have to be limited to product images or sales pitches. The key is that it must be time-sensitive!

Use the message immediately after someone searches or signs up for something, or put it in an alert if you have software that does that.

Create call-to-action buttons

How to use urgency to skyrocket your sales

Most of us have seen those irritating little red button-like things that pop up when you’re on a Facebook page, or an Instagram account, or a Twitter stream when you’re looking at a product or service.

These are the call-to-action (CTA) buttons. They are typically white with a gray line around them to indicate where the user clicks to proceed.

When users see these CTA buttons, they are often reminded of a term they heard earlier in the sentence, and they hesitate to click because they think something bad will happen if they do.

Encourage repeat purchases by using time limitation

How to use urgency to skyrocket your sales

For example, if you want to begin organizing your summer vacation plans, you should only have about two weeks to plan your trip. This will help you keep track of your goal, which is to make sure you always have fun in your life.

You can also encourage your friends and family to purchase from you since the trip will last a few days. By using time limitation, people know they are buying a certain amount of items and that they won’t be wasting their money buying everything.

When people buy from you, they feel more confident since You Promote and You Provide Value For Them. They also feel compelled to tell their friends about you because of the price point and quality of the items.

Overall, this product can help boost your business sales because people know what they are getting and value what they receive.

Offer multiple payment options for immediate purchase

How to use urgency to skyrocket your sales

You can help your clients get a great deal more quickly by offering multiple payment options for immediate purchase.

For example, you have a website that lets your clients make a quick purchase by giving them an e-mail confirmation link which they can then quickly click to place an order.

This action gives the client full faith that you will deliver on your guarantee and that your order will be quality merchandise. By having several options for payment, your client can choose the one that best suits their needs.

If one of them does not like the product and doesn’t return the confirmation e-mail, then you can offer them a very discounted alternative product heater. This will give them some peace of mind as well as helping them save money because they did not buy it out of pocket.

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